July 2013

There were two highlights in July – Wanderlust and my Mom’s 60th birthday.


First, thank you Sonja for planning. Wanderlust is a yoga festival, long week, held around the country. We went to the one held at Squaw Valley. It was the perfect weekend. Amazing weather and good friends. Besides that, the other highlight was all the free samples. We loaded up on Kind bars. And, my friends loaded up on Lululemon gear. I had not yet been stung bythe Lululemon bee.


My attempt at slackline yoga. Sonja, you are way too funny!

_DSC0123 _DSC0124 _DSC0125 _DSC0127


The Lululemon tent. Amazing yoga demonstration. What’s your yoga intention? Clarity?



_DSC0104 IMG_0661


Interesting nightlife. Great light show. Every heard of MC Yogi? He was the entertainment one night. We also watched Moby. Now I know who he is!

IMG_0146 IMG_0118 IMG_0106

Fun meeting the #manduka challenge. Five people posing on one big mat.



Amazing views from the top of the mountain (and bottom).

IMG_0096 IMG_0087 _DSC0153 IMG_0080


And, finally, all the free stuff!



Mom’s 60th Birthday

Celebrated with Mom and the family.


_DSC0017 _DSC0021


Jessie and Mom cooked a very delicious lunch. The main entree was rack of lamb.

_DSC0005 _DSC0004


And,  it was great seeing everyone. Cynthia had just finished a pastry course at the San Francisco Baking Institute, and she brought some of the items she had baked. They were amazing!

_DSC0012 _DSC0010 _DSC0022


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