January 2013

2013 started out very strong.


A trip to Barbados, the homeland of Rihanna, kicked off my year. It was great. Beautiful, blue water. I think the best water I’ve swam in. Warm, calm. Everyday around 1 pm, during the trip, I took a swim, thinking, “only a few more days left of this. Must take advantage.” Here I am sitting under a canopy. Yes, I know I am in the tropics. But, my friends also know I avoid the sun like the plague. And, yes, I am wearing multiple layers of sunblock.

IMG_1091 IMG_1090

Jessie’s B-day

So great to celebrate with the family. I made a cake for Jessie.


Brand Innovators

I participated on a panel at Brand Innovators on Consumer Engagement. The highlight was dinner afterwards. It was a great meal with excellent company. It pains me that I can’t remember the name of the restaurant and didn’t take any photos!



Went to Shark games with friends. With Torez and Yumiko, we had dinner at Amici’s before the game.

  • IMG_0477 IMG_0475
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