August 2013

“Will there be any adults there?” This is the quote of the year from my Auntie Vickie. Victoria had told her Mother about the camping/rafting trip my sister Daisy planned for us and our cousins. What was super funny that all of us are over thirty. And two of the couples have children.  Auntie Vickie was relieve to hear “Auntie Candy” and “Uncle Albert” were going to be there.

I got to the party a little late because I was planning to join the noon rafting segment. Daisy had taken the first group around 9 am. But, unfortunately, Daisy lost her keys and had to go back and find them. Thank goodness, she did!

All photos from camping



The kids were adorable. All girls!

  • My mom showing the girls how to wash the pot
  • Sophee looking sweaty in her overalls
  • Ella with Mom and Dad
  • Janie playing with Abby and Chloe. Though she looks a bit sad by herself in the picture


_DSC0083 _DSC0021 _DSC0016 _DSC0039 _DSC0059


Daisy making pineapple upside down cake in a dutch oven.



Lawrence, my new cousin-in-law.


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